Wagers in Science: Physicists Do Play Dice

Wagers in science picture of a penguin

There are lots of reasons to undertake a scientific investigation. Sometimes it’s pure and simple curiosity. Sometimes it’s a directed effort to solve a specific problem. Often it’s pure curiosity that gets dressed up as a directed effort while writing a grant application. Sometimes it’s trying to solve one specific problem and accidentally solving another. […]

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Naughty Science Acronyms

Naughty science acronyms

I’ve spent most of this week writing about science for kids. So for a change of pace, today we’re looking at some naughty science acronyms. We are all very mature scientists who would never giggle upon realizing that the acronym is something a little risqué. Dirty jokes about Uranus are of course rather well known, […]

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Animal Co-Authors

Animal Co-Authors: A bonobo, a hamster, a dog and a cat

Animals, of course, play a big role in many scientists’ lives. Sometimes they are research subjects. Sometimes they’re a source of inspiration. In my own work, large portions of my thesis were written with my laptop sitting delicately on top of my cat Schroedinger. At the other end of the spectrum, I frequently had to […]

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